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Why are we here?

Businesses today face complicated, wide-ranging technical challenges driven by the vast quantity of ever-shifting technologies and software options. Coupled with a company’s own growth and changing requirements, this often leads to messy, outdated internal systems that thwart business growth.

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What we do

We offer a range of technical services to our clients, often blending them for bespoke requirements. Click on the icons below to find out more:

IT Strategy & Consulting

IT Strategy and Consulting

Expert guidance to navigate your way through a maze of technology.

System Architecture

System Architecture and Solution Design

Plan twice, build once. Cutting-edge system design made simple.

Integration Planning and Implementation

Integration Planning and Implementation

Get all your systems talking the same language.

Data Analysis and Migration

Data Analysis and Migration

Clean it, Shape it, Move it, Use it. Better data = better business.

IT Strategy and Consulting

IT Strategy & Consulting

As a fledgling enterprise, small and start-up businesses often take advantage of simple software solutions which adequately meet the needs of the business in its formative years.

However, as the business grows, requirements start to shift and there comes a time when long-range systems planning and a structured investment programme are essential to allow the continued growth of the business.  At this stage, sound advice and strategic planning are paramount to ensure the technical changes bring stability, scalability and return on investment.

We help our clients through this critical phase of development with a blend of workshops and consulting sessions, on-site diagnostics and analysis, system roadmap development and implementation direction.

System Architecture and Solution Design

System Architecture

When a new software product is being developed, or when an off-the-shelf system cannot meet all necessary requirements, a bespoke solution is sometimes the only viable route.  In these cases, intelligent system design is critical from the outset since the architecture devised at the start of such a project may persist for years, possibly decades, as the system evolves.

The initial system design should provide a platform upon which all future requirements can be developed. Therefore, a comprehensive understanding of - and allowance for - all possible future implications is critical and must be thoroughly embedded into the architecture.  Careful planning in these vital early stages leads to a solid foundation that will allow for a more agile, efficient and cost-effective development of the system as it grows and evolves.

We offer a comprehensive system architecture service, bringing together a blend of the latest technology and modern design principles.  In this way, we create bespoke software and systems which are adaptable, reliable and scalable.  They are often designed to work within an ecosystem of other complimentary technology, and always developed with stability and capacity for growth at their core.

Integration Planning and Implementation

Integration Planning and Implementation

Fundamentally, there are two basic approaches when it comes to engineering systems for business:

  • Approach 1: Develop a large, single system that aims to cater for all the needs of the business.
  • Approach 2: Utilise numerous systems and software solutions that are each geared towards a specific task.

As a business grows, Approach 2 usually becomes the only viable route since a single system cannot possibly fulfil every demand of the business to a satisfactory level.  In turn, this presents a new set of complex integration challenges which must be solved in order to get the multitude of smaller sub-systems talking to one another.

To address these challenges, system analysis is initially required to assess system compatibility.  Provided integration is possible, integration design and implementation then follows.  Crucially, robust monitoring and alerting systems should be embedded within the integration technology to ensure that connections between the systems are not broken in the face of all-too-common changes to the component systems and surrounding interface layers.

We offer integration feasibility studies and project planning to help guide integration strategy.  These are delivered through a series of high-level planning workshops and detailed interface analysis sessions leading to evaluation reports and implementation guidelines as output.  In some cases, we also work with our clients to roll-out integration projects, including development, testing and post-implementation support and maintenance.

Data Analysis and Migration

Data Analysis and Migration

Modern businesses generate huge volumes of electronic information.  Left unchecked, this data becomes cumbersome and often leads to inefficient business processes and operations.  However, in the right hands, and with the right attention, the same data can be transformed to provide valuable insights and aid strategic decision making.

To reap these benefits, electronic information must become well-organised and centralised where possible.  Often, it requires cleansing, manipulation, migration and transformation before the value contained within it can be fully exploited.  Careful, informed analysis is also vital in order to extract meaningful insights from the data once it has been processed.

We provide a range of data services including detailed start-point analysis, development of automated migration and cleansing scripts, data migration and reporting services.  All our work in this area is geared towards the discovery of truthful insights within the otherwise nebulous data which many businesses hold.

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Our latest work

Systems integration, website development and digital marketing optimisation for Capital Group.

Systems Strategy and Integration

Advice and implementation for a wide range of changes to Capital Group's complex recruitment, booking and finance systems.

Complete Website Redevelopment

Bespoke design and development of an industry-leading and fully-responsive new website for the business.

Digital Marketing Optimisation

PPC campaign re-design and optimisation delivering measurable performance improvements of over 200%.

Huge Cost Savings

SMS Gateway replacement and system enhancements, enabling substantial cost savings and boosting operating efficiency.

The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.

Bill Gates


Fred Brown

Fred Brown

Managing Director, Draw Digital

We have worked with ioca for almost a decade. Their consultants combine expert knowledge with the ability to explain complex technical topics in a way that everyone can understand, and without being intimidating when doing so. They are practitioners, too, with their capability stemming from real world experience and a long history of happy customers. Professional, good company and always delivering on time and on budget - I recommend ioca very highly.

Paul Gold

Paul Gold

Group Chairman, OR Holdings Ltd

Many companies sell well but do not offer the bespoke service provided by the technical consultants at ioca.  In working with them, all our expectations have been exceeded. The liaison process has been first class and the constant contact has ensured that everything has run smoothly. When compared with other suppliers, ioca present a much better value solution than their nearest competitors. The whole experience has been on a different plane to our previous ones.

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